Risk Tolerance Assessment Software

MoneyGuide Integration

With the power of MoneyGuide and Tolerisk’s integration, advisors will be able to seamlessly populate financial information needed to analyze the client’s mathematical ability to take risk over time. Add our simple personality profile and you can measure and align portfolio risk, evaluate financial longevity with dynamic 2nd to die mortality probabilities, and even examine recommended risk by tax status of assets. Tolerisk can help you impress clients, prospects, compliance officers, and regulators. The combination of MoneyGuide and Tolerisk takes your practice to a whole new level, and by using referral code MGAdvisor, MoneyGuide users will receive a 10 percent discount on any Tolerisk subscription! Learn all of the details here!

Join Tolerisk and MoneyGuide for a Live Webinar!

Tolerisk and MoneyGuide are hosting a joint webinar on June 1st! Join us for the presentation to see how our software drives better client decisions, confidence in the risk assessment process, and growth for an advisor's practice. If you can't make the live show but want to see the presentation, sign up regardless. We'll send you a recording of the event immediately upon its conclusion. Registration is open now!