Advanced Financial Risk Tolerance Assessment

Unlike traditional risk tolerance assessment tools which focus primarily on the client's willingness to accept risk, Tolerisk® measures the client’s willingness and their ability to take investment risk, by incorporating their cash-flows. All factors are combined into a simple, measurable, and actionable risk directive.


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Problems with Typical Risk Tolerance Exercises


Willingness vs. Ability to Take Risk

PROBLEM Traditional risk tolerance assessments are based primarily on personality, only evaluating the investor’s willingness to accept risk.
TOLERISK SOLUTION Tolerisk allows you to measure a client’s actual ability to take risk separately from their willingness to take risk and combines them scientifically to create an actionable investment risk directive recommendation.

Validating Assumptions

PROBLEM Typical risk tolerance assessment tools don’t validate the reasonableness of the client’s assumptions. This can lead financial advisors to provide risk directive advice that isn’t based on realistic assumptions.
TOLERISK SOLUTION Tolerisk incorporates mortality probabilities, cash-flows, and personality, evaluated across more than a thousand historical paths for equities, fixed income, and inflation. Based on this robust analysis, the probability of running out of money is scientifically calculated. When your clients are a married couple, Tolerisk even incorporates second to die probabilities, providing your clients with the most useful results.

Key Drivers & Evolution

PROBLEM Clients don't gain an appreciation of what factors drove the risk tolerance assessment and how it will evolve as their life changes.
TOLERISK SOLUTION Tolerisk stress tests every input and assumption, highlighting the big drivers of risk tolerance for your specific client and illustrating how their investment risk tolerance will change through time and evolution.

Lacking Granularity

PROBLEM Shifting between big risk buckets can mean a large sudden change in market exposure, which places great onus on the date the shift occurs. A gradual and quantifiable approach is generally more beneficial.
TOLERISK SOLUTION The measurable and quantifiable nature of Tolerlsk Risk Assessment Software facilitates gradual and intentional changes to your client's investment risk level, which is customized to their specific circumstances.

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5 Common Failures of Investor Risk Tolerance Assessments and How to Avoid Them

Every financial advisor has some type of Risk Tolerance Assessment process. The vast majority are too rudimentary, and merely designed to satisfy the most basic level of compliance.



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