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Tolerisk® is an analytical risk tolerance assessment tool used by all types of Financial Professionals to help their clients figure out how much risk to take in their investment portfolio as well as the probability that they’ll outlive their money.

Tolerisk® quantifies an investor's ABILITY to take investment risk by analyzing anticipated cash-flows in and out of their portfolio over time. Their ABILITY is then combined with a quantified WILLINGNESS (personality) for risk in a scientific manner. The result is a range of numerical stocks/bonds benchmarks that are clear, measurable, and actionable.

In addition to this risk tolerance analysis, Tolerisk® highlights to the Financial Advisor which variables are the biggest drivers of each client's Risk Tolerance (Note: The answer can be very different depending on the combination of inputs for each person) so appropriate focus can be paid to the right assumptions. This also helps the investor understand what drove their risk tolerance and how it may evolve in the future.

To further increase the value of Tolerisk® risk tolerance assessment software to your client, mortality probabilities are integrated into the analysis so you’ll be able to compute the likelihood that your client will outlive their money. This is also important to you as an advisor, since you’ll need to be confident in the reasonableness of their assumptions when you are providing risk tolerance advice based on them.

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