About Us

Our Core Beliefs

Better technology helps separate the best financial advisors from the rest.

Great advice drives confident decisions and happy client outcomes.

Happy clients make the most successful advisors.

About Tolerisk

Tolerisk is the next-generation of user-friendly risk tolerance and financial planning analytics, designed for the fiduciary process.

Going beyond personality profiles, Tolerisk incorporates financial data to assess the client's unique risk capacity over time.

Our advanced analytics ensure proper risk alignment and monitoring, resulting in increased conversion, retention, and referrals through an objective, repeatable, and documented process.

Ultimately, Tolerisk simplifies complexity, accelerating practice growth and reducing compliance risk for advisors and clients.

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Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board features accomplished industry leaders and experts, providing invaluable guidance for our strategic decisions and ensuring excellence in our endeavors.

Frank Anguiano

Head of Products - UBS

Brian Edelman

Nationally Recognized Cybersecurity Expert

Mark Friedenthal

CEO - Tolerisk

Jonathan Jacobs

SVP - LIBRA Insurance
SVP - Crump Life (2016 - 2020)

Miriam Lefkowitz

Sr. Legal/Compliance Expert
General Counsel/CCO for RIA/BD (2002 - 2019)
SEC Sr. Counsel (1999 - 2002)

Michael Raneri

CTO - Voya Financial
Chief of Digital Innovation - AssetMark (2019-2022)

David Ritchey

DVP - Symetra
Sr. Investment Strategy Advisor – SS&C (2013- 2022)

Colin Slabach

Faculty Lead - NYU MS in Financial Planning

Kelly Waltrich

CEO - Intention.ly
CMO - Orion (2017 - 2021)
CMO - eMoney (2013 - 2017)

Ryan Wheeler

CTO - Tolerisk

Michael Zebrowski

COO - Docupace
EMD - Envestnet/ AI Labs (2016 – 2022)
COO - eMoney (2006 - 2016)