Risk Tolerance Assessment Software

Tolerisk® was created to remedy the longstanding weakness of the traditional risk tolerance assessment questionnaires, which is that they are simply personality profiles. Financial Advisors now have an investment tool that quantifies their clients' risk tolerance, incorporating their willingness to take risk as well as their ability to take risk. Tolerisk provides insight as to its key drivers and its evolution through the client's lifetime.


Expert Analytics

Tolerisk® risk tolerance assessment software allows you to separately analyze your client’s willingness and ability to take investment risk in a scientific manner, resulting in a range of stocks/bonds benchmarks that are clear, measurable, and actionable.

Historical Probabilities

The risk analysis software runs 1,000+ scenarios on your client's specific circumstances, based on monthly equity, fixed income, and inflation data going back to 1926. Tolerisk® even incorporates annual mortality probabilities to evaluate your client’s likelihood of outliving their money.

Stress Testing

Stress test each one of your client's inputs and assumptions to see how each affects their investment risk tolerance and their financial longevity. It also projects their risk tolerance through time!

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How Tolerisk® Helps You


Win More Business

Differentiate yourself from the competition as you showcase your high level of proficiency in advising clients on the all-important issue of how much risk to take in their investment portfolio. Simply put, Tolerisk helps Financial Advisors convert more prospects into clients and gain more client referrals.

Increase Client Retention

Instill greater confidence in your clients' risk directives because Tolerisk focuses both of your attention on the key drivers for your clients' specific risk tolerances. Confident clients are more likely to stick with their investment portfolios…and with their Financial Advisor.

Compliance & Fiduciary Care

Leading Advisors are recognizing that incorporating the client’s actual cash-flows makes their risk tolerance assessment more diligent and demonstrative of their fiduciary care and culture of compliance.