Risk Tolerance Assessment Software

Tolerisk is risk tolerance technology for investment advisors, designed specifically for the fiduciary process. Our key differentiators produce more robust and realistic results, facilitating better decisions and more confidence by advisors and clients alike. This drives greater retention and more client referrals.

Tailored for the Fiduciary process, measures SEC's identified risk dimensions: Willingness and Ability to take risk.

Realistic simulation includes custom mathematical ability, inflation paths, and annual mortality probabilities.

Risk differential by tax status easily measured and conveyed

Displays the portion of future expenses already funded, with progress towards fully funded state and tradeoffs for early vs. late retirement illustrated.

Calculate the industry’s most robust probability of running out of money in seconds.

Solutions for clients, prospects, and employer sponsored plans.

Included with all Tolerisk Subscriptions

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How Tolerisk® Helps You

Win More Business

Differentiate yourself from the competition as you showcase your high level of proficiency in advising clients on the all-important issue of how much risk to take in their investment portfolio. Simply put, Tolerisk helps Financial Advisors convert more prospects into clients and gain more client referrals.

Increase Client Retention & Referrals

Drive greater client confidence in your process by incorporating their evolving financial circumstances into their recommended risk directive. Confident clients exhibit greater retention and make more referrals.

Compliance & Fiduciary Care

Leading Advisors are recognizing that incorporating the client’s actual cash-flows and mortality probabilities makes their risk tolerance assessment more diligent and demonstrative of their fiduciary duty of care and culture of compliance.

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