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Tolerisk® Now Listed on Schwab OpenView MarketSquare ™

Tolerisk® Now Listed on Schwab OpenView MarketSquare ™

August 2016: Tolerisk® has a listing on Schwab OpenView MarketSquare ™. Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™ is an online resource that provides product information along with submitted ratings and reviews of technology. Advisors rate products for qualities such as service, value, and features and functionality, plus have the opportunity to give specific feedback on their experiences with products. This resource is exclusively for advisors who custody with Schwab Advisor Services™ and is available on the Schwab Intelligent Technologies™ website.

As the leader in risk tolerance assessment software, Tolerisk® is proud to be listed on the Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™. Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™ features ratings of Tolerisk® in categories such as service, value for cost, and features and functionality. See our ratings and consolidated review based on feedback provided by other advisors who custody with Schwab Advisor Services™.

Tolerisk® is pleased to have earned a listing on this platform, and it is also happy to work with any custodian or broker-dealer in the industry.

Financial advisors and other professionals in the investment industry are finding that Tolerisk® is the only risk tolerance assessment software that analyzes a client’s willingness separately from their ability to take risk. This tool utilizes a scientific approach in order to create customized and personalized reports that quantify an individual’s risk tolerance.

Features of this risk tolerance assessment tool include:

  • Expert Analytics – Tolerisk® utilizes our patent pending method of incorporating willingness separately from ability to take investment risk. Advisors can incorporate assets, savings, and income by tax status as well as capital expenditures and capital inflows, facilitating a truly customized and robust risk tolerance assessment.
  • Evolving Risk Tolerance – Advisors can illustrate to clients how their risk tolerance will likely evolve through time, as Tolerisk® automatically advances all cash-flows forward through time and can incorporate a dynamic growth rate reflective of evolving risk levels.
  • Stress Tests – Automatically shock every input up and down to depict how each influences both risk level and financial longevity for their clients.
  • Investor Worksheet Links — These links allow clients to fill out their risk tolerance assessment questionnaire at their own convenience. Once completed, the results are provided directly to the advisor, who can present the findings to their clients.

Advisor ratings and reviews for Tolerisk® are now available on Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™. 

Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™ is a service of Schwab Intelligent Technologies™ and provides consolidated ratings and reviews of technology solutions made by independent investment advisors. Unless otherwise noted, reviewed technology vendors are not affiliated with Schwab. Ratings and reviews do not express or imply any opinion or endorsement by Schwab of any participating vendor or product.

Please visit Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™ to see what other advisors are saying about Tolerisk®.

Tolerisk® has been proven to help increase an investor’s confidence in their financial decisions, while allowing financial advisors to develop more productive, longer-lasting relationships with their clients. To find out more information about this innovative risk tolerance assessment software and improve the service you provide for your clients, contact us at Tolerisk® today.