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Updated Financial Risk Assessment Software

Updated Financial Risk Assessment Software

Introducing Tolerisk® 4.0

Tolerisk®, the leading investment risk assessment software on the market today, recently launched an upgraded system: Tolerisk® 4.0. This improved platform provides users with additional features that will enhance their Risk Tolerance Assessments and provide them with the comprehensive and customized information that they need for their clients.

Tolerisk® software is created for Investment Advisors and Financial Planners who are seeking to grow their business and improve their reputation. It is a user-friendly system that makes it easy to create a custom risk tolerance assessment for clients. The program uses a scientific approach to risk tolerance assessment, and it analyzes the client’s ability and willingness to take an investment risk in the market. The end result is a simple, measurable, and actionable risk tolerance benchmark.

Tolerisk® 4.0 is the latest version of this innovative analytical software for Financial Advisors. Some of the new features and upgrades include:

Investor Worksheet Links — Through this feature, advisors can now send their clients links in order to fill out their Tolerisk® risk assessment at their own convenience. Once completed, the results are sent directly to the advisor. Upon review, advisors can discuss the risk tolerance assessment with their clients. With enhanced charting and graphing, the client will enjoy powerful reports that can be quickly interpreted and applied to their specific financial situation. Beyond the client-specific links, generic links can be generated with the Investor Worksheet Links feature. Advisors can embed those generic links on their website, and use them to convert prospects and onboard large numbers of clients for their business.

Downloadable Prep Sheet — This feature is designed with both advisors and their clients in mind. The prep sheet offers actionable tips for clients to use as they prepare their Tolerisk® risk tolerance review. It can be customized with the advisors’ logo, giving it a professional appearance.

Capital Inflows — The Capital Inflows feature was a direct request from the advisors who use Tolerisk®. Now, financial advisors can utilize this feature in order to incorporate a likely inheritance, the sale of a business or the downsizing of a home into a risk assessment report. The Capital Inflows field allows advisors to tailor each report to the specific needs of their individual client.

With this risk tolerance assessment tool, investment advisors and financial planners are able to provide their own clients with improved services and results. Their clients are impressed by the customized portfolios that are created for their specific circumstances and situations, and they feel confident in the advisors that they are working with for their own investments and financial planning strategies. Advisors and those in the finance industry who utilize Tolerisk® report higher retention and referral rates than those still using risk tolerance quizzes.

Those who implement the Tolerisk® system into their financial planning business appreciate the fact that this program is constantly changing and evolving in order to better meet the needs of its users. Financial advisors and other users of Tolerisk® provide feedback that directly impacts the growth and development of this risk assessment platform, and there’s always something new in the works.

To find out more information about Tolerisk® and how it can improve your risk assessment analysis, contact us today.